TRF Full Form

TRANSFER is the trf full form. In banking, transfer generally refers to the procedure of transferring money from one bank account to another. There are a number of ways by which an account holder can transfer his or her funds into a new account. The two most popular methods are through a wire transfer and … Read more

MIA Full Form

Missing in Action is the MIA Full Form. MIA stands for “Missing in action.” It’s used to describe an individual soldier who can’t be accounted for or whose whereabouts are unknown. The acronym may have been coined during the Vietnam War when US soldiers frequently went missing. Certain stock market traders use the phrase when … Read more

NRBM Full Form

NRBM Full Form – non-rebreather mask, Non-rebreather masks are supplied air via a two-stage filtering system. The first stage is composed of an inlet filter, which pulls all particles larger than 4 microns out of the air stream, and under-mask filters that removes small particles between 1 and 3 microns from the air passing through … Read more